Pay per film: worldwide

There are hundreds of thousands of 'pay per film' providers on the world.
The problem of all of them except maybe 2, are: very limited offer.

That leaves us with best choices world wide:

- Google Play Store
- Amazon


Amazon rates second here, because Amazon has all kinds of geoblocks. Examples: you can only watch amazon of your own country, because it is check whether you pay amazon vod (video on demand) with the credit card of your country/where you live. Most countries (like Netherlands, Belgium etc) do not have amazon (no, and to sign up for will not work: amazon will refuse unless you pay with a bank card issued in the UK.

Warning: the taste of Amazon is VERY LIMITED, same as Netflix: US mainstream only, 'the bigger the best' and 'English only'.

Google Play Store is better in all respects: price, amount of films, languages, films suggested to you based on past preferences etc!



Google play store

Ir you want to watch 'arthouse film', independent film and pay per film, google play store is the absolute champion: all other providers have no reason of existence, because:

  • googple play store has by far the largest filmbase, certainly of international films all languates
  • google play store is cheap per film, you will not find cheaper elsewhere


As said at the top, amazon makes only sense if you have a mastercard issued in the country of your residence AND your residence has an amazon site.

pay per film: in each country

Each country usually has tens of providers along the formula 'pay per film'. The size of the filmbase is different. Prices are different. Every country knows best what providers exist.

As soon as a country provider issues an app along the formula 'watch unlimited' we will feature it as world app on click