The amount of apps - for watching films - is exploding. And some parties, like Netflix, like to dominate the market so you would forget there are many other much more interesting apps than Netflix. We focus on the WORLD here; the site is in English, but we emphasize all NON-English apps, to preserve the cultures outside Angelsaxon 'main thrash'

Tip: how to avoid geo-blocks

There are many VPN services for FREE, like the Android app 'Opera FREE VPN'. It takes you to the country you wants, for free!

kinds of apps

An app you need for a phone of tablet, mostly run on Android. An app is far easier than going to a PC and a website, and a tablet is far more comfortable to watch from, so that is why most film is available only through apps - applications, in French 'applis'. As 95% is Android, we are basically talking Android apps.

You can think of at least three kinds of apps:
1) apps to WATCH film/cinema UNLIMITED
2) apps to watch film/cinema but pay per film
3) apps with trailers, in order to get INSPIRATION of what to watch
4) apps with archives of films - to find a title, not to watch on that app as well as collection apps, where you collect the films you like.
We designed our navigation on this site accordingly!