Pay per month - watch unlimited

This is many people's dream: to pay per month and watch unlimited. For most of underneath, you will need a free geo-blocj-bypass. Example: assume your are in Netherlands and it says 'this app is not for your country'. Download an app like 'Opera free VPN', klik Opera free VPN, choose 'other' (like could be: Canada), and the subscribing to myCanal IS allowed :) Or write to the app, they will be most eager to find a way around to help you.

The most imortant apps are here:

Mubi Mubi

With Mubi you pay a low subscription per month, and can watch unlimited! The films can best be characterised as 'international', 'high quality', independent'. Belongs to, and the mubi app is available on Google Play Store
Some films are made 'for MUBI only', unavailable anywhere else, like the film - - you cannot even buy a DVD of it.

MUBI publishes lists of their films: 
See here the 2017 MUBI list:

Great quality, unlimited, for low monthly price!

myCanal myCanal

Especially useful for French-like movies. Avoid the geo-block with a free VPN service and enjoy! Fixed amount per month, unlimited!

SFR play VOD Sfr-play-vod-video-on-command

Useful for French, Spanish and some US films. Fixed amount per month, and enjoy unlimited!

Film box line film-BOX

Excellend, kind of world wide cinema film box, arthouse movie, in all kinds of languages. Fixed amount per month.

Hulu and hulu plus

The film list is available here:

You can watch all of hulu for one amount per month, for more info see here:

and of course as app through Google Play Store

Canalplay canal-play-infinite

Canalplay is geo-blocked in certain countries, but you can circumvent that by taking a VPN connection. There are enough French movies, and it is for 7,99 USD per month only! and available as app in Google Play Store

arte club arte-club

Same taste of European film as known from Television

Vudu - Peliculas

Spanish, unlimited watching!


Most known one, but not exactly the best one, from perspective of 'international culture', 'alle languages', 'quality of film', 'level of film' etc. Main line American films focussing on your needs for greed and power. Beware: their category 'arthouse' is not what we define as 'arthouse', is very limited and almost American only. List of films:

free apps for free films

Many films on the world are for free, and here is a list of apps with wchich you can watch THEIR films (belonging to that app) for free.